Short clips

A plug-in video — posted on your website — can enliven a page without having visitors leave the site. The video might be 3-5 minutes long, but sometimes, less is better. So we might suggest a set of short clips.

A short video clip or "snippet" is meant to convey a single idea in about one minute, more or less.

For example, take the phrase, "we value customer service." Here's one place that does it right... and says so in a snippet:


Because they are short, snippets work well on the Web. Several can appear in a gallery, or a single snippet can appear in a page.

It helps to have a set of these clips, organized around a theme. They can be shown at different times, either at random, on a schedule, or during a season.

Multiple snippets are more than "a video." With a channel on Youtube or Vimeo, they can enhance your social media and SEO.

By the way, we support HTML5, Youtube, Vimeo, and other Web services. We can deliver video in standard formats, including playable DVD. For more information, please ask us.

Discover how video can tell your story.