Making quality video

Home-made video may be okay for a blog. For a professional look, however, quality counts and customers expect it.

We began doing production when video was on tape. Now, we use Sony HD cameras and high-end Mac editing systems. Good tools help, but experience gets results.

Our costs are intended to be reasonable and affordable for many organizations. Typically, our projects work like this:

production process

Explore > Proposal

To start, let's just talk about what you want and what we can offer. Then before we begin work, we will submit a proposal, usually one page. That way, you can confirm that we understand your goals. At the same time, we can explain what we will provide and how it will be done.

Scripting > Shooting

Our video is often captured on-site. When appropriate, we also use photos, graphics, and archive materials. We are mindful of lighting, sound, composition, background, editing and special effects. Our standard footage now is broadcast quality in HD (high-definition) format. It can be used with a large-screen television or a projector, as well as on a website.

Editing > Review

We prefer to make a draft of the final product for your review. In general, our deliverable could be a set of short clips (each a minute, more-or-less), an "explainer" video (about three-five minutes), or perhaps a presentation (more than five minutes). Of course, the deliverable depends on the situation.

By the way, we also provide editing services for existing footage and digital media. We can be your editors — adding titles, text, transitions, and sound — to create a final slideshow or video.

Delivery > Follow-up

After review of the draft, we make final edits and deliver the video to you. We can deliver through Dropbox, on DVD, on a Youtube or Vimeo channel, or via other media. If desired, we can also assist your staff to install and display your videos. One client's reaction:


Discover how video can tell your story.