More video

A longer video — from several minutes to presentation length — can be shown at meetings and events, or distributed on disc. This video may be:

  •   A classic "explainer" for introduction or training
  •   A "highlight reel" or a slideshow for presentation
  •   A documentary about people, places, or events.

Video can bring an audience on-site and into the scene. For example, here's a construction project:


Video can be re-played many times, delivering your message consistently, every time. For example, here's a reflection about the mission of a non-profit:


Research has discovered and expert opinion has suggested:

"Your business needs an 'explainer' video."

By the way, another suggestion is to record presentations by featured speakers. We often hear that audiences wish they could share a presentation with others or see it again for themselves.

Discover how video can tell your story.